Factory Second WK2 Full Harness & Def Injector Skid Plate Powder Coat for EcoDiesel Jeep Models

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This is a Factory Second - Which may have a few nicks bumps and bruises but it will still bolt up and protect.

The WK2 Full Harness Shield & Def Injector will work on Diesel models. Laredo, Limited, Summitt and Overland from 2014-2016.

Due to its location the harness and Def Injector, by design from factory; is left totally exposed to rocks, branches, a simple small puddles of water, and any other debri or road hazards especially while off roading (4×4) which would tear, rip, puncher or break the harness and Def Injector rendering the vehicle inoperable, you stranded and your wallet open for costly repairs of parts, labor charges and tow fees. The Shield when intalled will deflect most hazards keeping your Jeep safe and operable; you happy, and your money best spent elsewhere.

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The WK2 Full Harness Sheild and Def Injector Skip Plate ALL IN ONE
protects the entire length of the vulnerable & exposed harness and the Def Injector consisting of, (depending on model);

● Diesel Exhaust Fluid (DEF) harness AND the Def Injector
● Def injector electrical wiring,
● Def injector urea supply tube which supplies urea to the Def injector
● Fuel and brake line bundle and other electrical wiring. 

  • The harness is located on the passenger side and runs lengthwise underneath the Jeep from back to front. 
  • This also easily works with or without rockrails


Below is the replacement price of parts from the Jeep dealership parts department for the above mentioned parts, not including tax and labor cost.

•DEF Harness System to replace;
Urea supply tube  $254.00
Urea tank harness $102.00
Fuel, brake line bundle  $186.47
Electric wiring chassis & underbody $590 to $814.

•Total price not including labor, tax and any other possible unforseen  parts, Total = between ($1,132.47 and $1,356.47.)

Approximate weights for All-in-one Ecodiesel and full harness plate:

  • 9lbs 8oz - 3/16 Aluminum
  • 9lbs 9oz - 3/16 Aluminum Diamond plate
  • 29lbs - 3/16 Stainless steel
  • 6 bs10oz - 1/8 Aluminum
  • 6lbs11oz - 1/8 Aluminum Diamond plate
  • 19lbs - Black Powder Coat Steel - (Approx)

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Additional Info



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