What is the difference between this sheild and Dom's Def Injector Plate?
Dom's plate protects the Def injector only.   The shield protects the entire full length of the vulnerable harness. .
How long does the sheild take to install?
Installation time - approximately 30 to 45 min.
Does this void the Manufacturer warranty on my Jeep?
The shield should not affect any warranty issues however you should check with your Jeep dealership to be sure.
Why do we need to install this on my Jeep?
the WK2 Jeeps harness runs lengthwise underneath the Jeeps Chasse frame by factory design totally exposed to hazards which would damage or destroy it and the Jeep will stop running until the damage is repaired.  The WK2 SHIELD when installed will shield and protect the full length of the harness keeping it safe from most hazards making your Jeep more reliable and safe.
What is the warranty of the WK2 Full Harness Shield?
Can this be Installed without Dom's Def injector Plate?
Yes if you own a gas Jeep, Dom's plate is not needed.   If you have a diesel,  the SHIELD  can also be installed without Dom's plate however the def injector will not be protected.

May I return my Shield if I don't like it?
             You may return you Shield to us for a refund as long as it is the same condition as you received it. Please keep in mind that all return are subject to a 15% restocking fee for all undamaged merchandise(mistake orders, ordered wrong item.....etc). Please see our                                Term &Conditions page for more information